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"I believe that everything has room for improvement – the small shift that brings balance. 

My design esthetic reflects that belief – Wabi-sabi. When creating, I see beauty in the imperfect, incomplete and transient. I like asymmetry, odd numbers and appreciate the principal of Kanso; simple, basic the elimination of ornate. Truthful and frank expression need no decoration. My flexibility in working with clients enables us to find balance together. The result is a visual message that feels comfortable to clients because it’s an elegant expression of their goals. I build brands that gain strength from longevity, not trendiness. Longevity is also a mark of my relationship with clients: Some of my very first are still with me more than 20 years later. 

At the School of Visual Concepts, I learned how to draw imperfect lines, fonts with and without serifs, to color (and think) outside the box. I learned that design has no rules, and I liked that. 

When I'm not working, one of my greatest pleasures is cooking. Wabi-sabi creeps into my cooking as well, the science of food combined with the esthetic of the plate is a rewarding challenge. The best part is sharing with friends and family around the table; the best way I know how to catch up. 

I am a Seattle native (no umbrellas) and lifelong resident, I travel to see the world, 

but I always come back home to family and friends who make me feel grounded."

i have had the pleasure of working with...

amazon • abc pacific corporation • big time kid care • city kitchens • costco • dennis evans + nancy mee • emily alhadeff 

• espresso supply • harry & david •  kaycee krysty • kasala • le panier • pottery barn • premiere yachts  • rr donnelley

• salon dallas • strata law group • studio3 seattle • symbotanica • tom clements photography • renaware international  

• thirteen salon  • virginia stamey • wild ginger  

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